We are BROWN® USA, a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tools, hardware and home maintenance products. We are committed to delivering durable and reliable value to our consumers.

BROWN® USA was founded over twenty years ago in the United States and has grown to encompass a wide network spanning several countries around the world. Our products are built under the strictest of guidelines and quality control standards, and our number-one goal is to create innovative lines that best serve our consumers’ needs.

Our BROWN® USA team consists of the best people in the business, from Leadership, to Sales and Marketing, to Product Management. We train our team extensively and continually, and we provide them with the knowledge and tools to stay fully informed about updates and new additions when it comes to product lines and individual items.

We strive to enhance our consumer’s shopping experience and ensure repeat business through the BROWN® USA PROMISE of complete consumer satisfaction. We are proud of our reputation as a manufacturer and distributor of quality products at a great value. We are constantly testing, improving and adapting our products to ensure maximum performance, durability and reliability and with our incomparable service experience, we are truly unmatched in the industry.